"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,

I was a stranger and you invited me in." - Matthew 25:35


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     Thanks for taking a look at the website.  Ministry Milers is simply a group of runners and walkers, both casual and competitive, who share a desire to take care of their bodies, spend quality time with family and friends, and fulfill the call of Jesus in Matthew 25 in any way they can.

     I want to emphasize “casual and competitive.”  In every race in which I have ever participated, there are at least two types of people.  The “Gazelles,” as we’ll call them, are decked out in the latest running gear… shirts made of space age tech-material that not only cools the body but also supposedly decreases wind drag, the big GPS watch that harkens back to gadgetry of the Roger Moore 007 era, and shoes of the most vibrant hues that create an undulating wave of color as these running specimens in the front of the pack reach their optimal BQ stride in pursuit of the increasingly elusive PR.  They don’t speak much and make very little eye contact with anyone.  Their only greeting amongst each other is a quick “’sup?” accompanied by the high school varsity head nod.

     Then there are those that we’ll call the “Sheep.”  There they are, smiling and chatting jovially with the other sheep, their white legs shining brightly between their khaki shorts and crew socks, wearing three-year-old cross trainers and sporting a 2006 VBS volunteer t-shirt.  They’ll frequently be pushing a stroller or carrying a venti, no-fat cappuccino.  They start at the back and when the gun goes off, they trudge forward… walking a little, jogging a little (or not), and stopping at least once to retie an errant shoe lace or to check their Blackberry.  Sheep likely have no idea what “BQ” or “PR” means.

     The Gazelles and the Sheep… on the surface they are completely different characters.  That is until the finish line.  They cover the same distance and they are both healthier for it.  More importantly, they both took time out of their day to essentially tell the event organizers “I believe in what you are doing and I am here to help.”

     So, you’re either a Gazelle or a Sheep or, like me, some other animal in between. But if you’re a Ministry Miler your main goal is to help.  Whether it’s walking 3.1 miles through town to help beat breast cancer or running 21 miles on rough and rugged trails to show support for America’s veterans, we’re all Ministry Milers. 

Feel free to poke around the website to learn more.  You might even see some pictures of people you already know! (By the way, some of those people in the pictures don't yet know that they've signed up.  Welcome aboard, Mom!)

Run to, not from! – Steve Isbell















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