"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,

I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,

I was a stranger and you invited me in." - Matthew 25:35


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A few years ago after I retired I changed my life completely, moving from Indiana, where I had lived my whole life, to Texas where my older son lived with his family.  I moved for a lot of reasons, but the main one was to be near my three grandkids.  With my new found time, I decided to make a real effort to exercise more.  I walk regularly and have completed a few 5ks.  It really is amazing how much better I feel now.  We all get older, but that doesn't mean we have to feel older... I feel better now than I have in 40 years.

I am a two-time cancer survivor and someday I plan on walking a half marathon to support breast cancer awareness.  I am proud to be a Ministry Miler, and not just because my son and daughter-in-law are the founders! - Phyllis Hite












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